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Candy Soak Bath Rocks

Candy Soak Bath Rocks

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Introducing the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Candy Crush” Fizzy Bath Rocks in Candy Soak Scent! Get ready to rock your bath time routine with a burst of fizzy, candy-coated goodness that will have you feeling like a true rockstar! Pop these explosive bath rocks into your tub, and prepare for a symphony of crackling, fizzing, and popping. It’s like a fireworks show, but instead of lights, you get a tub full of awesomeness! The Candy Soak scent will envelop your senses like a sugary tornado, transporting you to a land where chocolate rivers flow and marshmallow clouds float in the sky. It’s like diving headfirst into a giant candy jar, minus the cavities! resealable 200g bag

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